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BA Graphic Design Technology:

AAS Graphic
Design Technology:

Related Courses Completed:
  University of West Florida; Pensacola, FL
Aug. 2004 - Aug. 2011

Pensacola Junior College; Pensacola, FL
(now Pensacola State College)
Aug. 2004 - May 2007; Jan. 2009 - May 2009
• Art History I - IV
• 2 & 3-Dimensional
• Illustration
• Digital Imaging
• Commercial Photo
   I & II
• Typography
• Electronic PrePress
• Beginning
   Multimedia Pro
• Advanced Web Tech
• Web Art
• Publication Design
• Web Page Design
• Drawing I - III
• Humanities Art
• Computer Graphics I & II
• Photography
• Advertising
• Creative Web Design
• Graphic Design I & II
• Advanced Multimedia
• Marketing
• Sculpture
• Advertising Tactics
• Visual Programming
• Script Programming
• Internet Programming
• Advanced Graphic Design

- Designed and formulated art and copy layouts

- Studied illustrations and photographs to plan presentations, materials, and products

- Designed and produced posters, flyers, magazine ads, business cards, book covers, and websites

- Determined size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy

- Conducted research in order to select and secure suitable illustrative material

- Drew samples of finished layouts and presented to instructors

- Selected style and size of type and arranged layout based upon available space, knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts

- Prepared illustrations and rough sketches of materials according to instructor's direction

- Photographed layouts, using small and medium format camera, to make layout prints

- Developed negatives and prints to produce layout photographs

- Designed and produced T-shirt layouts

- Developed creative and informative designs

- Coded complete functioning websites, by hand and with software

- Developed content and copy for complete functioning websites

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