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~ Other Custom DesignGraphics ~
Matching company branding, different advertising method (with other graphic design).


~ Business Logo ~ redesigned to be resizable & fit different file formats -->

eCorsair Logo

~ Business Logo ~ designed as the logo and header for eCorsair, The Pensacola State College Student Press Online
(formerly PJC)


~ Ad ~ designed to advertise journalism and multimedia for The Corsair & eCorsair (Pensacola, FL) -->

   Silver Addy Winner

Advertisement for The Corsair
Pensacola Teen Challenge Flyer

~ Flyer ~ designed for the Teen Challenge of Pensacola charity event


~ Flyer ~ designed to promote The Women of Rare Distinguish event in Virginia -->

Women of Rare Distinguish Flyer
Digital Book Cover (placed on Amazon)

~ Digital Book Cover ~ designed for an author to sell his books on


~ Full Book Cover ~ designed for the 2006 Hurricane Review, an annual publication of the Department of English & Communications at Pensacola Junior College (now Pensacola State College) in Pensacola, Florida -->

Hurricane Review Full Book Cover
Get a free sample/preview of the publication (here) - pages 12-104, 110-113, 116-118, not included
The Corsair Student Press

~ Newspaper ~ one of the many designs & layout for the bi-weekly release of The Corsair - The Pensacola State College Student Press.

Front & Back Cover --^

            Double Page Feature -->

The Corsair Newspaper Feature

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Custom Website Development 1 | Business Cards | Other DesignGraphics | Sample Portfolio

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